Study case


Benefits and features

This is an architecture dedicated for people who want make or collaborate for the design of their site.  No coding (only .erb exception), html and css to write directly or with editing tools.   Also dedicated for people who want a small data base (contacts, booking, events, ...).  The routing is under control of the backend.

For the Boss admin

+ He have all the html pages + css + js available to edit directly on i.e. AWS S3
+ Use of the editor tools he want
+/- .erb code possibilities

For the developer

+ He keep the control of DB
+ He keep the control of process RoR
+ He keep the managment of forms
+ He keep the control of routes / pages
+ He keep the control of partial ajax rendering


+ low cost
- efficiently if worker isn't sleep
+ This is one of the architecture most often use !
+ easy to begin

DB - Models

- Under control of the developer


= one route per page
= one route per CSS
+ global style and js define in html
+ possibility to keep some css, js on backend
+ partial ajax html + .erb on backend

Any other?

= For site with 1 to 15 pages
+ possibilities of non Redonduncy of pages with internationalization
+ Any other files system may be used
- necessary to have security

Step by step for the boss


Buy the domain name
Set de dns parameters to point to heroku server
make a redirection of www. to domains


Open a account on amazon AWS
Create a bullet or share the bullet of the developper


Transfert your assets on AWS S3 bullet

images files
video files
some styles
your own existing html pages


Design or complete your site

transfert the bullet on your local computer
design everithing you want
transfert the updated files on AWS S3